Belly jumbles up its Staff

In a strange turn of events, Belly has decided to switch up its staff. They even hired a bunch of engineers but their top management has declined to comment on their change of plans. It has led to some of their employees looking for greener pastures. It does not mean they were doing something bad with their jobs. Belly is based in Chicago and it is known for its iPad-based loyalty program located at lots of cash registers. CEO Logan LaHive admits they are still a long way to go after starting the company 5 years ago. He is one humble person and he is not shy to admit mistakes. He is not going to let his company down even if a couple of CTOs already left the company in the past 7 months. It is never a good feeling when you have to let go of your employees especially if they did a lot to the company. If there is one thing that is constant in this world, it is change. Therefore, they should not be surprised how changes continue to happen in the company known as Belly.belly

Despite the name, it is not a restaurant in any shape or form. From the small shops that were their target before, they are now shifting their focus to big businesses. It is a shame how they have to let go of some people who have done nothing but good stuff whenever they come to work. Sometimes, you need to have a little bit of conscience when you make decisions that are vital to the company and Logan knows that since he has seen his start-up company grow from the day he built it. They are continuing to make changes not only when it is needed but also when it is not necessary because they want to make the company better. It usually partners with stores and when it opened, they were able to reward the customers that signed up in their partners. It is a no-lose situation for all those who did so you can’t blame them that they did what had to be done.


Belly is not one company that posts job hiring on the street. Their former employees are grateful for what they have accomplished in the company. They were not ashamed to admit that on Twitter when they used several hashtags after they tweeted that they were moving on to more incredible opportunities. They even tagged the Twitter account of Belly because they are proud to admit they came from that company. You would rarely see people do that as they are usually disgruntled about their past but in Belly that is not the case. It is great to hear how companies like Nubiles Porn and Belly take good care of their employees so there is no doubt they provide good benefits there. If that is not the case then they would not have employees who last long there. You have employees who last at least 2 to 3 years so you can never be wrong about the benefits they provide their employees. They certainly came up with a good concept so be sure to do good in the future. Their loyalty programs have done wonders for their partners because if that is not the case then nobody would want to partner with them. Logan did not say how many they are in the company though as that is not something he wants to discuss and he has all the right to do that. Besides, why would he say that when all the people he knows could just apply left and right? The last thing he needs is for his company to get a lot of media attention. It is great how they were able to grow into a big business since all businesses start small.